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History of TOTO Clothing


History of TOTO Clothing

From the name itself, one could make out that Toto is a food from Japan. Meaning of Toto, it means ‘drying coconut’. The word Toto also has come to denote ‘fats’, ‘shredded meat’ and also refers to the partially processed and dried meat itself. It can be derived from Totono which means a type of coconut found in the Philippines and which is used to season rice. Both these coconuts have their own distinctive taste and are related hence the common name Toto. The other name for Toto is Pinay, which is indigenous to the Philippines.

The history of Toto was once a very popular dish in Japan but because of its medicinal properties, it was never commercialized. But gradually toto began to gain popularity in the western world and was even considered as a favorite Japanese cuisine. Thus, the name of the American rock band who popularized the dish named themselves as Toto, after a famous Filipino physician. However, in the United States, Toto is a dish for fried chicken.

There are several varieties of Toto, all from Japan, however the most commonly known variety is Bonito (or Bonito salaberry). Bonito is a dark brown fruit with a strong odor of berries. The toto that is most widely known is bonito, which is the main ingredient of the famous Bonito burrito that is widely sold in many American fast food chains. This is why, for a long time, Toto became known as bonito in the United States and even around the world, as the American version of the Philippines’ own Bonito.

Not too far back, in fact back in the 1970s, the American musical group Queen sued the Filipino singer and her manager over accusations that they had made her perform at a gay disco under the false assumption that she was a woman. Thus, Toto was thrust into the limelight as a gay icon in the world of pop and even paved the way for the gay community in the Philippines to finally come out and be accepted as such. This is perhaps one reason why the toto was adopted by American culture and became synonymous with the hard rock sound and beat that made it so popular in the USA. So if you are looking for Toto shirts or to buy Toto jewelry, it would be best to look to the US or the Philippines for the quality and authenticity that you can get.

As of late, there has been renewed interest in the toto’s traditional, rural roots. A lot of local artists have taken to painting traditional, peasant images like leather and hungate which, like the toto, are woven into tightly wound cloth. Traditional, hungate embroidery works also hang on the traditional rugs and mats that are woven by the people of the Philippines and are inspired by the Chinese occupation and life in China.

The porcaro, a type of woolen fabric that is most commonly seen in the Philippines and other parts of Asia, was introduced by the Spanish missionaries in the 16th century. The toto became more prominent in Manila after the Americans introduced Porcaro fabric to the Philippines. Since then, porcaro has been a part of the Philippine economy and is seen not only in the Philippines but in other Asian countries like China and Japan. To get a good quality porcaro shirt or to buy authentic porcaro made of wool or linen, you should do some research online to find out where to buy them from. The Internet is your best source to find authentic clothes made of wool or linen by traditional artisans in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. You might even spot some rare designs that you would never see in the traditional market again.

The Deal With FitNetSS

It is easy to be impressed by the marketing campaign of FitNet. The website claims that this is a new revolution in the broadband industry and it promises fast broadband connections that are absolutely free. A quick look at the specifications on the site indicates that the company is selling bandwidth with every purchase. However, the free service does not last long if you do not stick to the terms of the agreement.


One of the major problems with FitNet is that its broadband services do not come cheap. They offer three different bandwidth plans which are very lucrative, but they also come with heavy price tags. You can get a plan with one hundred megabits per second (mbps) for about three dollars a month. However, these are only offered in areas where cable broadband is available.

Once you subscribe to the service, you will be provided with a broadband connection. If you have no internet at home or at work, you can go out and use the internet at any time. However, this is not the most effective way to get online as you may not always have an internet connection. Therefore, unless you are using the internet for business purposes, you should probably look elsewhere. One drawback of the FitNet broadband connection is that it does not support any VoIP applications.

You may wonder why this company would want to enter into an agreement with an ISP such as Comcast, which provides one of the most competitive packages available today. It could be that FitNetss believes that Comcast is a competitor, so it will try to attract customers away from them. It is unknown whether Comcast will respond to the introduction of FitNet or not.

In my opinion, however, it is best to stick with cable broadband. If you use a good package from a reputable company like Comcast, you will be able to save money on your monthly connection costs. However, if you decide to go with the services offered by other ISPs, it is essential that you check out how these deals compare to the offer from Comcast. You should be able to compare the price per month and the speed of your broadband connection. This will allow you to determine if the ISP you are getting the best deal from is worth the cost.

Whether you decide to go with the services offered by Comcast or not, you will still be saving money on your internet connection. While the price per MB may be slightly higher with the other broadband companies, you may be able to save money. It all depends on how reliable the broadband connection is, how many computers are sharing the broadband connection and how much bandwidth you are going to use. Although there may not be a direct relationship between the two, it may be a good idea to look for an ISP that is offering a deal that is more competitive compared to the other ones in the market.