Health 101 – Living a Healthy Life


Health 101 – Living a Healthy Life

Health is a complex phenomenon; it cannot be assessed in a simple, black and white manner. As humans, we require different kinds of nourishment to live, and the process of health can also vary with time, from childhood to old age. Health refers to the quality of life of individuals. Health encompasses every area of your life, including body, mind, spirit and personality.

The term ‘health’ encompasses the physiological condition of an individual. Health is defined as the ability to carry out physical activities without any limitations on health. Health can be described as being healthy or unhealthy. Health is a complex phenomenon; therefore, there is no single definition of health. It is a state of mental, physical and social well-being where disease and infirmity are all absent. A healthy person is free from diseases and infirmities and has high levels of vitality,and energy. There is a certain level of energy that all healthy people have in their system.

The human body is made up of various parts. These parts can be divided into two categories: internal and external organs. Internal organ refers to the parts of the body that do not have any outward external signs of injury. External organ refers to the external parts that can be easily seen and are visible to others. A healthy individual has clear eyes, strong nails, a clean, and soft mouth, and a strong immune system.

The most important part of a healthy person is his or her mind. Healthy people can think creatively process information from all available sources. They are able to develop the creative use of language and can communicate with others effectively. In the past, people were believed to be healthy if they had a strong will and a firm commitment towards a cause.

Today, people’s mind has become more complicated due to the increase in technology and communication. However, all health problems are caused by the same factors such as stress, lack of sleep, emotional imbalance, unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol, smoking, drugs and lack of proper nutrition. Health affects your mental and physical functioning and emotional health. It is very important to maintain a balanced health environment with positive people who are open and willing to help themselves.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be ignored. You cannot control your health if you do not treat your health seriously. Therefore, healthy living is essential to improve your physical and mental well being. A healthy lifestyle includes the following: eating healthy foods and consuming them regularly, regular exercise, getting enough sleep and having regular dental care, regular relaxation, avoiding stress and avoiding the use of tobacco, avoiding stress, having good health care, maintaining a healthy weight and a positive attitude.