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Tips To Improve Your Marks For The MCITP Exam

The difference between an examination and a test is pretty significant. On the one hand, an examination is something we do to test our cognitive ability; on the other hand, a test is something we do to measure our intellectual performance. But, although an examination is frequently used as a synonym with the quiz, in many schools and colleges, an exam isn’t necessarily used to measure intellectual ability but to inform the teacher that particular students need more study or might be better prepared for a certain course or activity. The key difference between an examination and a quiz is that usually an examination is much more formal than a quiz. But, even so, even though, the exams are still used as synonyms throughout many classes and schools.


In order to give the students a fair shot at scoring high marks, instructors nowadays tend to schedule two sessions of a specific subject per division. The first session covers issues that will affect the first part of the exam (the current exam) while the second session covers issues that will affect the second part of the exam (the subsequent exams). The current exam/quiz is scheduled to be taken only once per division. The scheduling is done according to the priority list of each class.

Now, let’s get down to the business. There are a number of ways to help you prepare for your exams. You can use the multiple choice exams for helping you to assess your knowledge level. There are many websites which offer free multiple choice exams online. If you want, you can even take a practice exam for getting familiar with the entire exam structure. But if you’re a real busy individual and don’t have the time to waste on such things, here’s what you can do:

Practice exam: Candidates can opt for taking pre-licensing exams such as CCIE or CCNP that are available online. Most of these pre-licensing exams have similar format but have slightly modified questions. Candidates can use the answers to gauge their confidence level for passing the exam. The practice exam also allows the candidates to learn the answers without having to spend much time on them. The most preferred method of learning the answers is by sitting alone and answering the questions one by one until you have mastered them. Candidates who can’t spend time on such things should consider taking an online proctoring course.

Class time: Some training centers to arrange for a class time where candidates can just show up and be part of the course without attending any classroom sessions. Candidates can make use of the audio conferencing feature to communicate with their peers. This method is very effective in cases where there’s no access to a teacher or if the candidates don’t want to waste any time on a live class. However, candidates who have a keen interest in learning and want to excel in the exams should consider making use of the online tutorials offered by various websites. These tutorials are provided free of cost and are a great help in enhancing one’s knowledge about the particular area of study.

Study guide: Many online proctors also provide study guides that are useful for candidates who want to review their answers and learn the various topics that are covered in an examination. Candidates should make sure that they have understood every topic in the guide. Candidates who want to improve their chances of scoring well should also check whether they are familiar with the exam regulations. Some regulations might prohibit candidates from carrying out certain procedure in an in-person exam.