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The ARE Exam – A Take-Home Version of the Course

A good exam is one that allows all students to demonstrate what they know and understand. This can be accomplished by creating an examination that is a take-home version of the material. It is important to ensure that the exam is as rigorous as it needs to be. For example, a test that is too easy can be misleading because it fails to measure the student’s understanding. A good exam gives students the opportunity to practice answering questions and to use memory aids.


The ARE exam has several features that help candidates prepare for the exam. Multiple choice questions come with a clear description of the correct answer. The exam interface is mobile-friendly and includes a timer. If you choose to purchase a subscription, you will be able to access the practice exams separately or get a discount package. The Amber Book will allow you to view the questions for as long as you want. If you decide to buy the full version of the study guide, you can download the sample questions for free.

The ARE exam contains a series of question types. They fall into several categories. These categories include estimation questions, graphic interpretation questions, theoretical client questions, and brain teaser questions. Each question involves a case study that requires you to identify an answer or solution, and then apply it to a problem or issue in the case. Some exam questions involve a team or client that must make a decision and take the best course of action.

A well-designed exam will allow students to learn the material they learned during the course. Each question is categorized into different categories, including multiple choice, brain teaser questions, and estimation questions. Each type of question will require a different approach. Generally, you will be asked to answer problem questions, or choose a response based on a different angle. You should review your lecture notes or download relevant case studies so you can prepare yourself. If you feel unprepared, you can also practice taking the ARE test several times in a row.

The ARE exam is a multiple-choice question type. Each question will contain a correct answer description. It has a convenient interface with a running timer and can be used on mobile devices. The ARE exam is available separately and is a discounted package. There are many resources online that provide preparation materials for the ARE. You can find practice exams and the ARE exam in separate packages or as a bundled set.

If you are a student who is nervous about taking the ARE exam, you may want to consider attending a specialized ARE boot camp. The goal of this course is to help a student overcome their anxiety and develop a study plan. The ARE boot camp has been running since 2015 and has helped thousands of candidates pass the exam. The sessions are held once a month, and new ones start regularly. You can enroll in the classes at any time and can start taking the SAT test at any time.