A Few Tips on How to Make Funny Jokes

Funny is a subjective term. In general, people consider funny to be witty, appealing to the senses or in good taste of others. But some of us also use the word funny to describe enjoyable or good experiences. The dictionary definition of the word “funny” can also mean appealing to the sense of humor or biting satire. A funny book is one kind of story that is funny but also touches on some important issues.


People respond to the humor of stories and funny situations in unique ways. Experiencing human humor is a way of getting to know another human being and strengthening relationships. Humor is infectious and laughter helps a person loosen up, be open and let rip. The body’s relaxation response and the brain’s pleasure response helps to keep us going. Laughter provides an escape from the harsh realities of life and a means to relax and cope with the problems of everyday life. When a person finds himself cracking under the pressure of his daily life, he finds laughter a welcome distraction that lets him enjoy the little joys he can have.

This is the reason why we enjoy funny TV shows, movies, songs and other media. Humor helps us loosen up and laugh at ourselves. Ironically, the studies done on the relationship between laughter and stress show that the reverse happens too. Too much stress can cause a person to become humorless and become a victim of his own emotions. The solution to this problem is laughter which allows the brain to release natural chemicals that relieve stress. The release of these chemicals causes the body to relax, releasing endorphins that make us feel good.

So what makes a funny video or a funny movie? First of all, a funny video should have its own story line and characters that are funny and interesting to watch. A deputy director making a funny video about office politics becomes funny when he is caught making out with his secretary, but in a different film when a minor character is killed during a scuffle with the cops, the audience will sympathize with the killer because the story line becomes very funny.

There are some basic elements of a funny movie or a funny video. One of these is the delivery of the humor and the way it is delivered. The comedian should be able to make his jokes funny without resorting to cheap one-liners that can only appeal to a small group of people. There is no use laughing at a joke that has a small scope as the joke may not be funny for everybody. Likewise, if the delivery of the humor is slow or awkward, then the audience will lose interest in it.

Another key element of a funny video is the way the jokes are told. Jokes are meant to be told in a comical manner where the punch lines don’t over-power the audience immediately. The audience should identify with the foibles of the characters in the story and laugh at the inane comments. In other words, you shouldn’t have a dirty word being said anywhere in the humor except when it is absolutely necessary. In addition, if the jokes are delivered in a monotone voice, then they won’t be funny.