A Guide to Humor


A Guide to Humor

If you are fond of humor and funny things, there is no reason why you should not be enjoying the best of internet every minute. The World Wide Web offers you with various resources that can help you out when it comes to hilarious stuffs like funny pictures, funny videos, funny games and many more. You can also share funny stuffs with your friends and families using social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace and many others. But the most interesting part of this social networking sites is that you can share funny stuffs with other people through web contents such as web comics or web jokes. This will certainly bring smile on their face, and you can become famous as well.

There are many ways on how you can make others laugh with your wit and humor. But one of the best ways on how you can make others laugh with your jokes or funny stuffs is by creating your own funny and humorous web comics or web jokes. Yes, you heard it right, you can create your very own funny and humorous web comics or web jokes. It’s really amazing but true that you don’t have to be an artist or a writer just to create your own funny web comic or jokes, all you need to do is to study a few of the most popular online funny and humorous web contents in order for you to have great imaginations for creating your own funny and humorous web comic or joke.

Most of the funny and humorous web contents that you will find online have been created by ordinary people just like you and me. It is really amazing how ordinary people can turn ordinary and commonplace things into some of the funniest stuffs online. One of the funniest contents online are the jokes and funny stuffs that were created by extraordinarily funny people who actually went out of their way to make others laugh. There are many individuals who take time out in order to observe other individuals and see if there is something funny that they can use to make others laugh, and that is precisely what these funny and humorous web contents are.

The main reason why these funny stuffs become extremely humorous and hit the mark for effective humor is due to the incongruity between the two subjects. Take for example a normal situation like two normal and average American males sitting in their office for several hours. Now if you take a closer look at this situation you will realize that the commonality of their conversation is actually the fact that both of them are really bored out of their mind with their job. Now if it were not for the funny guy in the internet comic or joke, both of them would feel the boredom and be forced to spend more quality time for their family or for a more fulfilling business venture. And we know how highly important family bonding is for a happy and fulfilled life.

You may also notice that whenever two individuals laugh at each other’s jokes or funny stuffs, the amount of laughter increases exponentially and seems to reach an uncontrollable level. This is actually the basic law of Thermodynamics and it happens in our bodies as well. In order to keep things balanced, the force of the opposite poles of magnets repels each other. But when the opposite poles of magnets come together, there is nothing to repel but rather to attract each other, which then causes the attraction reaction which is the cause of all kinds of laughter. When this funny stuff happens, the number of people who tend to get into the situation tends to increase as well.

There are so many ways where you can use humor to bring out the best in people. If you are trying to make somebody laugh, try saying something in a funny tone of voice which is meant to be comical but still in a good sense. If you are going to talk about social problems such as climate change or economic inequality, make sure that you say something along those lines because if you don’t you will simply turn some people off. But if you want to say something funny to bring out the best in a person, try saying something like “Are you sitting at home, making fun of the deputy director?”