Are There Two Possible Worlds – Is That Where We Are?


Are There Two Possible Worlds – Is That Where We Are?

The world is simply the time and space in which everything happens. It includes human activities, physical objects, and biological processes. It also includes both time and space, not only of a single dimension but both at the same time.

This cosmology places the earth as the center of the universe. The earth obtains its orientation from the satellites orbiting around it. The satellites show the orientation of the earth relative to celestial coordinates by calculating latitude and longitude. This method is more accurate than other less accurate techniques such as the synchronous rotating of the earth’s rotation.

Theists believe that there are an uncountable number of possible worlds existing parallel to ours. They differ on the number and types of those worlds, on how those worlds could have been created and continue to exist, and on the likelihood that those worlds have intelligent life. Theists also believe that the existence of the universe and our planet is evidence for a Designer, someone who figured out the rules by which the world and our lives fit together.

The idea of a designer is also at odds with the results of science and its predictions. Science has not found a way to test or disprove the existence of God, despite the fact that God supposedly created the entire universe including our world in a mere instant. There are no such things as absolute spacetime, no such thing as a “God-class,” and no such thing as “spacetime compression.” Science cannot prove the existence of God or even that there are any absolute spacetime concentrations, combinations, or volumes.

If the universe and our planet are seen as a single world, then life on earth can be explained by physics and chemistry alone. However, if you look at the multiverse from a different angle, you will see that it creates order out of chaos. In other words, if there are many different universes out there, then it makes sense that there could be living beings existing on earth, in other universes, and in other places in the universe, but if you consider the fact that every single atom in the entire world combines with every other atom to make up the very fabric of space whether hydrogen bonds with carbon atoms to form water, whether electrons exist and orbit around other matter in the universe then it becomes clear that there are indeed two different worlds and that the earth is merely a “part” of one.

In conclusion, one can say that there are two possible worlds, not one, although scientifically speaking this statement is an oversimplification. There is no evidence that the multiverse does indeed work like a game of dice, with each world being just as likely as the other to produce the next outcome. In fact, science has actually shown that our universe is consistent with the laws of thermodynamics, which state that there is a net energy flow that brings everything in a system to a state of equilibrium. In other words, there are no routes where energy can escape and cause a system to fail, such as in a runaway vacuum, so it is more accurate to say that there are both separate worlds, one inside the actual world and one within the possible worlds.