Dishes From Malaysia – Get the Best From Your Travel to Asia

To Gel Harongs in Thailand: The origin of the very popular rumoured To Gel brand came from Tongkat Lech Kiat. Tongkat Lech developed a passion for Thai food after living in Bangkok for many years and visiting many different restaurants and bars there. He realised that his favourite food, a simple dish of sweet rice noodles with his loved red onion was being served on a plate with a selection of sauces that included his own unique brand of sauces. This inspired him to create his own range of gourmet sauces to be sold in restaurants all over Thailand and eventually overseas, and To Gel was born.

In addition to the popular sauces To Gel offers today, he also has a number of other popular ones including his signature Vindaloo sauce and his first offering of sweet curries. Vindaloo is derived from a traditional Indian herb, believed to have healing properties. It adds an intense, almost mesmerizing flavor to whatever it is you are cooking. This goes for all types of food, not just seafood. Sweet curries and chilli are especially popular.

If you prefer to make a drink with a kick, then sweet and spicy drinks in Goanese style, such as apricot laddus or rasam, are great options. Both the sweet and spicy varieties of these drinks can be enhanced by adding a dollop of rumus to gel at the base of the punch. Rum is another traditional ingredient in Goan dishes. It can be used along with rice or khichuri, or it can be used on its own.

For dessert, we have Goanese rice cakes called malas. They are round and deep, rich in flavor and served with a sweet rice pudding, also called padlis. A Goanese sweet cake called Punjabi sattwaj is also popular. Its dough is made of mashed whole grain rice and its center is filled with a variety of fillings including cashew nuts, raisins, fried almonds, candied fruits and even dried fruit. The cost is rolled into rounds and the result is a mouthwatering treat.

This variety of sweet breads and cakes has a fresh, tangy and spicy taste. The layers of the bread are cut into strips and then these are deep-fried. It is considered as one of the national delicacies of Kerala. These are not just mouth-watering but also good health foods. | ini} Ini or besan is cooked in a pan by deep frying. It is a thick porridge made from mashed rice. It is spread with coconut milk and decorated with ginger powder. The ingredients used for making ini are konjac manganese, gram flour, dry fruits, sugar, and salt. In some areas, Mung Bean is also used to make the porridge. When the porridge is ready, it is then fried in hot oil till the flakes become fine pieces.

The Tokeleng (Togeth) is the sweet, delicate and lightly smoked skewer of a giant, black-eyed pigeon which is cooked with vegetables before serving. The skewer is served with steamed white rice. The Tokeleng is served in Chinese restaurants or street stalls as a special side dish or appetizer. Another famous dish in Malaysia is Laksa or Malaysian spicy spaghetti, popular especially during Christmas and New Year. Laksa literally means “lamb dish”.