Healthy – Achieving a Healthy Life

Health is an elusive concept in most societies. Although many people believe it to be the sum total of all the four natural bodies, the term has been overworked and its definition is no longer clear. Health, according to the dictionary, is a condition of physical, psychological and emotional well-being where sickness and disease are absent. Today, health is considered a complex concept and there are five basic components that form the basis for an overall wellness.

Vitality: The body’s defense mechanism against infection. A healthy body maintains high levels of body fluids, which help it to maintain fluid balance and avoid fluid retention, which can lead to fluid overload, which is a sign of dehydration. This is an important component for maintaining a good state of health, because a sick body may have problems maintaining good fluid balance, especially if it is dealing with severe diseases such as HIV, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, kidney stones, etc. To maintain a good body fluid balance, a person needs to consume adequate amounts of fluids to keep his blood flowing and to keep his organs functioning at their optimal level.

Immune System: A good immune system protects a body from various diseases and infections, which result in a high level of immunity. If the immune system is weak, the body is more vulnerable to infections which, in turn, will contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy immune system can be maintained through a balanced diet, adequate amount of sleep and regular exercise.

Mind-Body Connection: The mind is the seat of all physical activities and it directly impacts the body through brainwaves, feelings, behavior, memory, creativity and other physical aspects. There are many different ways in which the mind can affect the body. In order for the body to properly respond to these stimuli, the mind has to be functioning properly and in harmony with the other five senses.

Body Chemistry: A person’s body chemistry determines how he/she feels, what their moods are like, and how they feel about themselves. Body chemistry can be affected by many different factors such as stress, emotional responses, food cravings, alcohol intake, cigarette smoking, environmental toxins, etc. These factors can change a persons’ mood, feelings, emotions, and behavior that affect their physical well being. It is important to maintain the body chemistry of a person through proper eating habits, regular exercise, an adequate amount of sleep, taking nutritional supplements, avoiding smoking, drinking water, etc.

In conclusion, to be healthy is not as difficult as many people may think. It is necessary to eat right, sleep well, engage in daily exercise, and maintain a good mind-body connection. All these factors combined will help a person to maintain a good level of overall health, as well as a feeling of overall well being.