How to Make Funny Jokes


How to Make Funny Jokes

Are there any kinds of terms that we use everyday that just make us laugh and makes us say, “Hilarious!” Yes, you can quote some famous funny lines but, if you want to quote a term that just made you wince, try not to use some really loud and crazy laughter. Too many loud laughs will drown the quote. However, when a term is funny and you add in a few smitty words, the entire concept can become lovable and endearing. In fact, some people might think that you are using these funny lines just to make fun of them.

Of course, there are funny words and even funny phrases, just take the most hilarious quotes from all time and just reword the funny parts. And brush up your grammar skills with these popular acronym jokes and funny malaprops. You will find that by mastering the art of making a few popular jokes out of an ambiguous statement or term, you will end up with an extremely funny idea. You just have to know where to begin.

A good example is something like this: The FBI has discovered a virus that describes people’s voices differently. Now if you had an idea that sounds like, “You are not as cool as I thought you were,” “I could barely take my shoes off,” or, “You should not be allowed in the club,” then you are using a funny word or phrase that describes something about how others feel. Those kind of funny lines can get millions of eyeballs turned on every single day. That’s because those sorts of funny words describe a person’s inner being in such a light and positive way that even the most cynical people who frown upon “quirky” ideas would appreciate them. It is just kind of funny when it’s coming from you.

What is also funny things? Well, if you were wondering what it might be, think back to the last time you were in a crowd that was laughing and someone said something like, “What was that?” If you repeated the question with your friend, you might hear them say, “Oh that’s funny,” or, “I don’t know what that is either.” So, even though the statement didn’t make any sense at the time, it did make some people smile, making you feel appreciated. It’s funny when the people around us can’t understand what we’re saying, but they still find it amusing.

Some more examples of funny words are, “Are you ready for a real laugh?” Or, “Do you like the sun setting on a funny bone?” You’ll find that just about anything you say can become funny when you use the right words. Try saying to a friend, “I think we have something in common after all.” And see how that friend smiles and says, “Yes, I do.” Or, “Do you want to kiss a strange man?”

Of course there are many other examples of funny words and their various forms. Jokes are funny when the person telling the joke tells it with a straight face. The punch lines in some jokes, even though they may not be grammatically correct, still manage to get a reaction from the audience. A good example would be a joke told by a 5 year old, which the listener can easily identify with because it makes you laugh and it makes the kids laugh as well. Another form of funny word would be a phrase, which has a double meaning, but is actually funny in its true form, such as, “You should never feed a dog a stick.”