MBE Online Proctors – What You Need to Know

Like any other exam you take with your high school students, you also assess your students’ knowledge with an exam. The exam consists of a series of multiple-choice questions. They may be free text or multiple-choice questions, or even a different format altogether. Ultimately, all you want to look at is how each student graded the answers and then assign a final score to each student.


With an online proctoring program, you will not be taking an actual exam in your classroom, but instead will be administering the exam online. Although some people may still prefer to take an actual exam, most find it much easier to administer exams online. When you take an in-person exam, you have to maneuver through the crowd of anxious students, wait for your turn, and/or stay until the allotted time to answer all the questions has passed. This can be stressful for many students, not to mention inconvenient. With an online proctoring program, you will be able to take the exam when it fits your schedule.

There are also multiple choice exams, which some may find to be easier than filling out a long essay. Online tests let you answer in as little as 5 minutes (or less if you have very quick answers), so you have plenty of time to formulate an opinion and develop detailed thoughts about the material. You will also have plenty of time to review any earlier questions that you may have failed, so you can build upon your knowledge level without having to worry about re-taking that section. Many exam builders will give you practice tests so that you can get an idea of how the test will work. Some allow you to download them on your computer and others will even mail them to you.

Most online proctored division exams take only a few minutes to complete. They may vary according to the type of question and the provider offering the exam, but they usually do not take much longer than a half hour or so. When you take an online exam, you will be allowed to work at your own pace, so you may decide to take breaks between questions or go for a rest just before you submit your answer. Because you can take these tests whenever you like, you can keep trying until you have finished all the sections required for the examination.

Once you have completed the exam, you will receive a confirmation that allows you to log into your account and download all of the material that you need to study for the exam. This includes the practice tests, which give candidates an opportunity to see how they fair against a sample of potential exam takers. Candidates who pass all three sections of the multiple choice portion are awarded a certificate. Online proctoring gives you the opportunity to study for and take this exam in the comfort of your own home.

Online proctoring for the MBE requires that you select the areas that you want to test and then wait for the results. Once the results are in, you will have to print them out and take them to the location where the exam is being administered. Most of these testing sites allow candidates to download the tests online; however, there are a few that do require the completion of paper in the form of a hard copy. Those candidates who do require the completion of paper should make sure they print the copies off the proper paper. Most online tests will also allow candidates to download their work onto a password protected USB drive.