Places to See on Your Holidays in Hong Kong

To gel Hong Kong restaurant is one of the must visit food and drinks attractions of the town. Considered as one of the five best restaurants in Hong Kong, To Gel is famous for its wide array of dishes. In fact, every dish served by To Gel has its own story to tell. There are several delicacies served in this restaurant which has become the pride of To Gel. To make it more authentic, To Gel offers a variety of Chinese dishes including Cantonese, Hokkien, TeoChew and Waiping duck with some interesting international recipes like tortellini, escargot, focaccia and potato salad on specialties.

Some of the popular dishes served at To Gel are Lung waiter’s delight (fish cooked in a puff pastry), Fried oyster mushrooms, Chinese chicken rice cake, Cha Todra, Chinese mushroom pancake, Fried wontons, fried calamari and Sudah Ada Gien, among many others. The prices of these dishes may be a bit high, but the quality is worth the price. The To Gel menu also features some exclusive dishes like Hong Kong melt sandwich which is made from puff pastry filled with chicken or beef, served with pickled mustard leaves and served on a kaiseki (rice bowl) for a truly satisfying meal.

It is believed that the dishes were first discovered during the Portuguese settlement in the 17th century. To gel hongkong became popular among the European visitors who were in Hong Kong at that time. The Europeans were fascinated by the delicious food and all the ingredients in the restaurant. The local population though did not take too much interest in it and did not promote it as much as other areas in China.

During the late 19th century a number of European travelers brought back some interesting dishes from their trip and one of them was togel hongkong prize dan, which was then called Hong Kong chef food. This became very popular in the western world. At present the dishes have been modified and adapted to fit the needs of the customers. One can get almost all the variety in this variety and even simpler when it comes to ordering. When ordering any dish in the restaurant you need to check whether it has been served in the traditional Chinese manner or in modern Chinese way and the place will give you details of all such thing.

If you want to try out some new dishes in the menu, you can choose any of the four types of dipping sauces which are being served today like the pada halaman which is made of wheat flour and water; the pada pero which is made of fried seafood meat with a mix of vegetables like carrots, onions and garlic; the kuda-kuda or sweet and sour soup and the mee goreng pung which is made from fish meat. Among all these four types of dipping sauces, the mee goreng long is the popular with the customers as it gives the best aroma and tangy taste of seafood. For appetizers, you can try the chicken kebabs served with some sauces. You can also try some other traditional food of the place, such as the wide range of satay, Manang, Kung Pao and dim sum.

If you are looking for some quick and affordable entertainment while enjoying your holidays in Hong Kong, you should visit the Night Safari. Here you can find all sorts of animals in their natural habitat. Animals are kept in cages and you can feed them with milk provided during the tour. The Night Safari is open at several times of the day including during the New Year. You can have a lot of fun at this place during your visit to Hong Kong.