Search Engine Rankings Are Nonsense, Evaluate Them For Me!

First, we have to learn to eat properly. Eating properly means not missing out important nutrients and vitamins because we are in a rush or because our stomach is empty. We need to eat gradually because the pace of eating varies from one person to another and not all people can follow a specific order. When we eat right, our body will be nourished well and that will make us feel better. When we do not eat right, our digestive system will not work well and we may suffer from various diseases.


In the last decade, Google has changed many things – search quality evaluator guidelines, page rank, pagerank, and of course, the way we navigate the Internet. And one of them is the way we find information. Nowadays, we rely on websites to provide us with news and other resources that we need to know.

As an informed citizen, I am very much glad that Google changed their search quality evaluator guidelines. It allows me to find the truth faster and get the news I need at the most appropriate time. I also appreciate the fact that Google shows me all the facts so that I can make an informed decision. The changes Google made to their search engine is very good. But there are still things I want to discuss with Google about their new updates.

First, I am happy that they added news categories like Politics, Science, Tech, Health, etc. But what’s missing is a news category for news on food. Google Search already has news category for news on food, weather, technology, business, and sports, but I think it’s still missing a lot of interesting topics on nutrition, diet, exercise, pregnancy, etc. In fact, I would like to see this feature more frequently. Perhaps I am being too nitpicky, but I believe that people in search of information should be able to get news from all sources. Google has the right idea, but I am not sure it will take off like they want it to.

Second, I am not sure if I am overrating or underestimate the importance of search quality evaluators. Google has made a huge mistake by changing their search engine evaluations, but I think it is just about par for the course for Google. They are always trying to improve their services in every way possible. And I believe that their current evaluators are just about the best and they give more accurate results than the old ones did. So I don’t necessarily think that they should nerf the rankings.

Third, Google has some catching up to do if they want to maintain their dominating share in the search engine market. Currently, they are way behind in terms of user traffic, and they haven’t even come close to catching up in terms of search quality. It is very interesting to me that they are still focusing on getting user information above anything else, and yet at the same time they have decided to devalue the importance of news. If Google were to start devaluing news then I believe they would find themselves losing a lot of customers very quickly. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that they would no longer be a real company and would have to either rethink their business model, or admit that they are no longer relevant in the world of modern day consumers. Please consider all this.