The Current Fashion Trend in Paris

What is fashion? The answer, it is an attempt to identify and appreciate differences through the process of imitation or contrast. Fashion is a broad aesthetic term in a particular cultural context and at a particular time, particularly in dress, footwear, fashion, cosmetics, hairstyles, and body proportions. Today it has come to be defined as a set of practices that are connected with the creation of an idea of fashion.

In this way of thinking fashion is connected with style, visualuality, subject, and everyday activity. However, some disagree with this definition, seeing fashion as a set of styles, where designers are allowed to develop a new style every season, as long as it maintains some consistency with the past styles. According to them fashion is dead and a waste of time. This article intends to demonstrate that high fashion and street styles are different. Although they are similar, the way in which they are perceived and appreciated is very different.

The concept of fashion developed by designers is not uniform throughout the world. On one side, there are high fashion designers, whose work is largely commercialized and whose designs are worn by celebrities, models and other high-fashion consumers; while on the other side there are designers whose work tends to be more individualistic and whose designs are designed for the public. Consequently, fashion industry specialists often produce distinct fashion lines, such as French minimalism, which is considered to be the aesthetic of the masses. The common association of high fashion designers with high-profile designers such as Dior and Balmain is frequently inaccurate.

High fashion designers are typically young men whose primary focus is on the development of new trends. They originate from the upper and middle class families and are associated with technical as well as commercial innovations. Whereas many designers work in the mainstream fashion industry to produce acceptable alternatives to the traditional style of women’s clothing, others such as Jean Paul Gaultier, wear their influence to create entirely new categories of clothing. Gaultier’s clothing lines tend to incorporate heavy fabrics, bold colors and unusual design concepts. His designs often make use of unusual fabrics, such as wool sweaters, silk pajamas and leather coats, to suggest a certain glamour and iconoclastic style.

Some designers, on the other hand, come from working class backgrounds and are known as street fashion designers. These designers usually focus on producing popular clothing items that can be worn by teenagers and young adults. Some examples of this type of fashion are blouses, skirts and tops that are designed in bright colors, sporty styles or with loud patterns. For instance, urban wear brands have begun to feature baggy jeans, loose shirts and sneakers in place of typical styles. Although these fashion trends may seem silly andolescent, they have been successful in raising the profile of younger fashion consumers.

The current fashion trend that has taken Paris by storm is known as haute couture. This haute fashion trend is modeled after traditional clothing styles but has added modern elements such as sharp color trends, cutting-edge fashion designs and signature accessories. Many celebrities have come out in support of this latest fashion trend, including Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin and Paris Hilton.