The Impact Of Bad Lifestyle Choices On Health

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social wellbeing where infirmity and illness are absent. The state of health affects us mentally, physically and socially to a large extent. People live healthy lives when they are healthy and happy. The state of health varies from one person to the other and is affected by factors such as lifestyle, habits, diet, work environment, and health conditions. There are various aspects of health that need to be taken care of for a healthy life style.

The determinants of health status are generally known and understood. However, some changes have been made in recent years to make determinants more practical and realistic. These changes have made it possible to measure health more easily. Technological determinants help to determine health through various tests such as blood pressure, height, skin temperature and respiration.

People who are not living healthy and happy lives are not only likely to suffer mental disorders, they are also likely to suffer physical ailments as well. Therefore, if people are not having a good lifestyle, they are unable to lead an active life. They are unable to perform physical activities, they are not able to engage in healthy recreational activities and are not able to cope with stress and pressure. The state of health promotion mainly focuses on achieving a well-balanced lifestyle through the proper diet and physical exercises, avoiding unhealthy habits, ensuring the right amount of sleep and relaxation, practicing stress management techniques, and taking proper health supplements and vitamins.

There are several ways to keep the state of health at an optimum level. A healthy diet helps in achieving a healthy body weight; therefore, it helps to maintain mental as well as physical health. A healthy diet should consist of all the essential food groups and should include foodstuffs which are nutrient-dense, low in saturated fat, salt, sugar, and cholesterol. A healthy lifestyle involves regular exercises. This helps to keep the body fit and in shape and reduces the risk of developing various types of illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis. A healthy lifestyle also includes a decrease in the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and eating foods that are high in sugar, salt, cholesterol and trans fats.

It is essential to take proper personal care by using proper hygiene, sanitation and personal care products. Personal hygiene includes performing daily facial cleansing and skin care, washing hands after every meal and before going to bed at night, and practicing a daily skin care routine to maintain physical appearance and health. It is also important to practice a healthy lifestyle by avoiding unwanted exposure to environmental hazards, ensuring that the workplace is safe for entering, avoiding sitting in closed vehicles, and wearing protection while physically active. Maintaining personal hygiene and personal care can help prevent health issues such as asthma, acne, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, osteoporosis, liver disorders, heart disease, and cancer.

In developed countries, physical well-being can be influenced by changes in lifestyle and food choices. For example, people in the United Kingdom have a lower life expectancy than most of the other developed countries. Societies in the United Kingdom live an unhealthy lifestyle with poor nutrition and lack of exercise. People in the United Kingdom have a higher rate of overweight and obesity than in any other country in the world. This is believed to be a major cause for death due to illness.