The Importance of Wellness

Health is a condition where physical, mental and emotional well being is balanced. We all have it in us to a certain extent, but for some people it may be deficient as a result of the foods and beverages they consume on a daily basis, the environment they live in, stress levels at work and in personal relationships and general health. It is essential that we take good care of ourselves if we are to maintain good health, and how we achieve that state is an ongoing process.


A person’s lifestyle is the major contributing factor to their overall health status. What you eat and how much you eat and the amount of exercise you get and do are all factors in your health condition. The environment you live in is also a major factor, with both good and bad weather conditions affecting your health. One of the most important aspects of your lifestyle is smoking. Smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products is one of the leading causes of illnesses and diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

There are many different ways of improving your health and preventing diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Good physical and mental health is important in order to be successful in the community you live in, with access to jobs, schools, shops, health facilities and services. The good news is that with current research and developments, there are many different ways of keeping fit, preventing illness and maintaining a healthy weight. The public health system in Australia focuses on preventing physical illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis and physical deficiencies such as anaemia. This is part of the wider effort within the public health system to prevent, recognize and treat physical problems.

The holistic approach to health includes prevention and treatment of any underlying conditions that may be causing illness. This involves improving the diet and physical exercise habits of the individual. This may include regular massages, chiropractic care, yoga, acupuncture, meditation or hypnosis, as well as using stress management techniques such as yoga, massage and exercise. An improvement in diet and physical activity has been shown to be associated with a reduction in chronic and systemic diseases, such as heart disease.

Many people are also aware that emotional well-being is an essential component of good health and quality life. A good personal health plan can build up the mental health of the person, as well as helping to maintain a healthy body weight. A combination of well-being activities, such as relaxation therapy, yoga and meditation, as well as daily exercise, will contribute to this improvement. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise and good hygiene will help to maintain the physical health as well.

Healthy lifestyle practices contribute to wellness, which in turn contributes to improved health and a longer life. Illness prevention is also cheaper than paying for medical treatments for chronic diseases. Prevention is the best medicine; a healthy lifestyle can help save money, time and energy, as well as improving self image. The benefits of a well-balanced life style are far reaching and noticeable, from improved immune system functioning to lower blood pressure and other circulatory problems.