The Secret of Humorous Content

You can make your life a lot more interesting by learning some funny words. They will really get your thought flowing and help you out with your conversation. So what exactly does a funny word mean? Well the definition varies from person to person but generally it means something obscene or inappropriate.


A good example is “You know what the most funny thing in the world is?” Most people might give a funny answer such as the tooth fairy or a piece of cake. Some may give a funny answer such as, “I am going to have one of those now,” or “When I tell my boss I’ll have a cake made from my new dress.” Wherever your funny answer is keep in mind that your goal is to use humor to break the ice, get your thought flowing and possibly start a conversation. When you use humor and smile it tends to make the person you are with more comfortable and then they can start sharing more of their own thoughts.

There are many ways to learn more about funny jokes and many ways to share these jokes. The best way to really learn about funny words and how to use them in your conversations is to do a little bit of online humor research. There are many sites that have lists of funny things you can say and even some sites that will tell you where to find good funny jokes. I would recommend looking at a few different ones and seeing what fits into your lifestyle.

The problem with some of the humor is that there can be some incongruities. For instance, when you are telling a funny story and the punch line is, “You knew I was coming”, this type of story is not funny. But it can still cause some incongruities such as, “So you were trying to figure out how you could let me in on the secret.” That is an example of where the humor can cross the line into being offensive.

Sometimes it is just a matter of tone. For example, a joke about a small coastal town girl who likes to get herself into trouble can be considered funny if she gets herself into situations where she is making people laugh. But if she is telling a long story about being an assistant to a famous stand up comics she will find that her story will become just as funny if she is trying to explain how she went from living in small coastal town all the way to the top of the world as one of the top comics today. This can be done by using every trick in the book to make sure the story flows as smoothly as possible. The key is to avoid the small coastal town and instead start describing the traveling and adventure in the larger cities and the transition from the rural small town to the bigger city.

In conclusion, you can find humor in just about any situation and the truth is that there is one-liner jokes, which can actually be considered as the foundation of modern funny material, but the true gags are those that are shared between the characters in the situation. The difference between a good joke and a bad one is often just one or two minor change to the situation. If you are looking for the difference between a good joke and a bad one, look no further than the plots of the most successful and most popular funny movies. While the plots may be the same, the difference is usually in the execution of the joke itself. This is the secret behind the success of many a memorable joke.