TOTO’s bidets, commodes, and Washlets

TOTO SWATCH1G, stylized as TOTO Swim, is an innovator, a pioneer, and a pioneer in the business of water proofing toilets. The company was established in 1966 by TOTO Corporation. The aim of the company was to manufacture a product which could make bathing more pleasant. The first product to be launched by the company under this name was the TOTO Aquailet. This was followed by the TOTO Bertilene, the first waterproof toilet.


The TOTO brand is well known for its wide range of high performance toilets. It manufactures both washlets and bidets. Washlets are self-cleaning systems, while bidets are used to cleanse the genital area before and after bathing. In addition to these two products, the company also manufactures a range of accessories including bidet seats and toilet paper holders, bidet bags, and hand held bidet devices.

The company first entered the American market when it began producing toto toilets in the early seventies. Toto’s unique design has made it a favorite in the toilet industry. Most American toilet companies produce conventional toilets and toto toilets differ little from them. The TOTO toilet bowl is another selling point. The bowl is actually designed to be placed on the ground whereas most other toilet bowls are meant to be installed in the bathroom floor.

Although the toto industry is a relatively new entrant into the North American marketplace, the toto toilet has already proven itself in the United States. According to estimates, around five to six billion toilet paper rolls are used in the United States each year. Of these, over three billion are used in the homes and around two billion are disposed of at landfills. To offset the waste, toilet paper is discarded in large amounts.

A TOTO toilet can make sense in this context. The toto washlet has an internal aerator that will reduce the amount of water needed to flush the toilet, thus saving the consumer money. A TOTO wallet also has a high-tech locking mechanism that ensures that the user is unable to access the flushing mechanism while he or she is sitting on the seat.

TOTO is a leading manufacturer of bidets, commodes, and other bathroom accessories. It also supplies toilet paper. The toto washlet and other bidets by TOTO can be viewed online. One can even order them online using credit cards. You don’t need to use water to cleanse your body; a TOTO bidet will do it for you.