What Is the Point of Fashion?

When people refer to fashion, they typically mean fashion as it relates to dress. Fashion is a specific style of dressing and attire, generally of a clothing item and/or footwear, at a particular time and location and in a particular context. In its broader sense, the word literally means a style defined by the fashion business as what is currently fashionable. Because there is no one universally agreed or accepted definition of what is currently fashionable, the topic is extremely subjective. However, some sectors of fashion that are governed by certain conventions and traditions have provided some helpful guidelines for determining what is currently fashionable.

Traditionally, fashion was associated with the courts, or the social elite who wore high fashion clothing to elevate their status and societal stature. Today, many people wear high fashion clothing just for fun or to impress others. High fashion is a term that is loosely applied to describe and critique various types of fashions from a variety of different sources.

The majority of people who attend fashion shows do so to see what is new and what is fashionable. Fashion Week events tend to be very exclusive and invite only the most prestigious designers and most successful women in the world to attend. It used to be at this juncture in history when the term “fashion” was not even in the vocabulary of common citizens. Because of this intense interest in fashion, there is an enormous audience of people who are interested in the latest trends and styles.

One of the most popular venues for watching the latest styles and trends is The Fashion Show circuit. Every year, fashion designers and other celebrities attend this popular fashion event in New York to display their latest styles and trends. The Fashion Show, which began at Madison Square Garden, has evolved into a multi-faceted event that also includes celebrity guest speakers and fashion special events. Other venues for watching fashion are The Fashion Network in NYC and The Fashion Bloggers Festival. Other events include fashion weeks that take place in Europe, Australia and Asia.

The public’s fascination with fashion and clothing does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. While designer clothing remains a favorite among the elite, middle class citizens continue to be drawn to the latest fashions and styles. There are many reasons why people wear fashion. One reason is because it makes them feel good about themselves. Another reason is because the clothes designers make are extremely comfortable and allow people to move around in ways they could not while wearing regular clothes.

The goal of fashion is to highlight and celebrate individualism, creativity and beauty. The purpose of fashion is to showcase clothes designers and their vision. If you have an opinion on what is the point of fashion is, then you should wear it!