What TOTO Did When She Was a Girl

A little girl in New York called TOTO had been dreaming for years of going to the ball game, wearing the uniform, and going to the World Series in Kansas City. It was a dream she shared with her father, who worked in construction in a suburb of Los Angeles. In their dreams, they’d both dreamed about what TOTO would do once they got older.

When TOTO grew up, she realized that she wanted to be a baseball player. She was so proud of her parents for raising such a beautiful daughter, but they weren’t sure that they could go it alone. They were very protective of their little girl, even if they didn’t want to admit that she’d always wanted to play baseball. They told her she was just dreaming in the night, and that it wasn’t possible.

It was almost funny to watch the little girl grow up to be so obsessed with the idea of playing the game of baseball, because she couldn’t seem to understand why she should want to go out there on a baseball field and play a ball game. In fact, it was TOTO who helped her understand this whole “dream” business. It wasn’t just that TOTO got to wear a uniform, but she also got to meet some of her idols.

TOTO would often look up when she heard her parents talking about the World Series in Kansas City. TOTO dreamed that she would be one of her favorite players. The little girl went to work every day, and when she got off work she would look up to the television to watch the big game on TV.

One day, a manager called TOTO into his office and asked her to come and watch her son play in the game. The manager said that he loved her and that she was a good sport. So TOTO went to the manager’s office and got a camera with her and snapped pictures. She then sent those pictures to her parents.

TOTO’s parents were very proud of their daughter and asked if TOTO would be willing to help them with something. When TOTO’s dad asked her to stand in for him on a television show, she gladly agreed, because she wanted to make an impression.

When the show came about, TOTO was nervous. She was very shy and couldn’t believe that she was going to stand in front of a camera and act like a professional. TOTO’s mother was watching with the rest of her family, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she was excited that she could finally see her daughter get some much needed love from her parents. After the show, the people behind the scenes thought that TOTO was the best person to do the job.

It was the beginning of a long relationship between TOTO and her parents. As they got to know each other, the family started sharing more stories about the wonderful time TOTO had spent with her baseball playing days. When TOTO was old enough, she took the camera with her to college and began taking pictures of her family, and her friends.