Who Deserves All The Nations in The World?

In its most basic sense, the word “world” denotes the totality of things, to which reference is made by the human mind in its experience. However, the nature of the world is described differently in various fields. Some conceptions view the world as being very different while some talk about a “plurality of worlds” with numerous parallel worlds. In philosophy, the word world is used to refer to God and infinity. It is also used to signify the rationality of the world as perceived by human beings.


Many of the questions that we have on our mind center around the question of the origin of the world. Answers to this question are readily available from the bible. According to the bible, God created the earth many billions of years back. The date of creation is often preceded by the commandment “Let there be no fall” in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. According to some other interpretations, the commandment was given long before the creation of the earth, and thus, it was not accidentally “caught” by the earth.

According to most of the philosophers, the reason for the creation of the world is obscure. It is often preceded by an appeal to imagination or religion. This is especially true with the so-called “agnostic” philosophers like Leibnitz. According to him, the world was created by a supreme power. It was the hand of God that fashioned the world in its best possible form, and he did so through the power of his almighty mind.

According to some pantheists, this is the reason why man is placed on this planet. They believe that this planet is at the center of the universe and that this world is the “cosmos.” They hold that “man” is the planet which received two separate and opposite genes from the two words world and intelligence. These two words are the source of man’s physical existence. This belief is deeply rooted in atheistic philosophy.

According to another school of thought, man was not created from the planet earth but rather, the word earth was created by a higher-ups using the words “let there be light”, “let there be rain”, and “let there be a sun”. In order to make up their own version of the original words, they substituted the words “man” and “being” with the word “earth”. This explanation is also very similar to the religious theory that the earth was created in billions of years under the act of god. Theists claim that the evidence points to this fact and the only place where the evidence is not pointing to is the word planet Earth. From this, theists believe that the word earth was deliberately chosen by man to make up a more appropriate title for the world we live in.

There are two other theories concerning the existence of other worlds. One theory is that the first world is just a special place while the other says that the second world is a separate world that was once closer to the first world than it is today. Another theory believes that all nations are part of one world, while the third suggests that most nations are independent entities that act independently of each other. Whether you choose to believe in creationism versus the theories of nation states, or in the separation of the first world and the second world, these arguments have one thing in common: everyone has his own opinion and the truth lies within each person’s personal beliefs.