Winner of the Oscar for Best Screenplay

ToTo To, or not to, that is the question. In one of the most beloved musicals ever, To Protect the Crown features the amazing talents of five very different actors from Hollywood. With an engaging plot and powerful characters, To Protect the Crown is a fun and entertaining film that’s well worth the time spent. Starring in this award winning movie is Tom Hanks, David Strathairn, Peter Sellers, and Billy Crystal.

When the lead character, Tooba (David Strathairn) finds himself captured by the communist guerillas in Vietnam, he immediately wants to give up but is persuaded by his friend, Tooba’s teenage daughter Mandy (Mary McDonnell), to hold on until the war ends. Tooba decides to marry her Hispanic lover, Paco (David Paich), after he is captured but is told that he’ll only be tortured and killed if he talks. The two become close friends and help each other through their ordeals. Once the war ends, Tooba travels to America to start a new life in California while Paco becomes a drug addict. The two are reunited when they realize how much they have in common and form an incredible friendship. Mandy is also pulled into their friendship and they all become great friends.

When Tooba’s husband returns from the war and tells her how much he loves her, she tells him that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Shortly thereafter, Tooba becomes pregnant and they plan to marry. However, their friend Ms. Saegusa (Ann-Margret) becomes suspicious of the marriage because her boyfriend (Efren Ramirez) is also involved in the business and is now promoting a product that will unite all downtrodden tribes of Tooba’s people. When Tooba discovers that Paco and his associate Mr. Lopez (Efren Ramirez) have plans to take advantage of the poor economy of the country, they flee the country.

Frustrated by their failure to find happiness, Tooba’s brother, Porcaro arrives in America and starts a relationship with Tooba. Tooba thinks that Porcaro belongs to her family and so she does not want to hurt his feelings by attempting to leave him. However, Tooba learns that she should not hesitate to hurt those who are meant for her in order to protect her people. She decides to give up her quest to find happiness and return to Los Baos to begin a new life.

Two weeks later, Tooba is ready to give up her quest to find Mr. Lopez but is stopped by her old friend, Mr. Chin. Mr. Chin tries to convince Tooba to go back to the United States and live there with her son, Mr. Paco. Instead, Tooba decides to give up her ticket to the American dream, but Tooba discovers that the only way to make it big in the hard rock world is to become a leading vocalist in a musical band in Hawaii. Once this is done, she can then begin to sing for the world and put on a show to attract the attention of the rich and famous in the country. With the help of her friend, Mr. Chin, Tooba gets the chance to sing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Washington D.C. alongside such legendary performers as Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Cheap Trick, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Bob Marley, and others. Now, she has the chance to meet her idol, Mr. Lopez.

Overall, this movie is a fun and exciting to watch. Although it may not be the best known movie about Tooba, it is still one that you will always love to see. Mr. Lim’s style of humor will certainly entertain as well as the storyline of the movie itself. Overall, this movie is well worth the time that you spend. It is sure to make you go back to your theater with many happy memories of this great movie.