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Types of Exams

A written exam or written examination is an educational examination intended to assess the knowledge, skill, aptitudes, mental capacity, physiology, or category in other areas of knowledge determined by the state board of examiners. The exam is often prepared by licensed test writers. To pass the exam, a student must answer a number of predetermined questions. Students are provided with a list of the questions that they will be asked before they enter the exam room.


In order to prepare for a state board exam, there are pre-fabricated tests available that test the student’s reading and writing skills. These tests may incorporate multiple choice and short answer questions. Students are required to print a copy of their score on plain white paper. Students are also required to present a copy of their score to the examiner within a reasonable time frame. There is a citation needed form for these tests.

Students taking a physical fitness exam are required to wear comfortable clothing. The clothing should be loose enough to allow flexibility. Jeans, shirts, or shorts should not be worn during the exam. The exam requires the students to bend at the waist and knees. The student may also be required to sit, walk, or stand for long periods of time during the examination.

For those who prefer not to take a written exam, there are many standardized tests that can be taken. For example, a person can take a standardized test on computer skills, mathematical reasoning, and reading. Sometimes, standardized tests are used in preparation for entrance into specific universities, while other times, standardized tests are used as a part of the final exam. Standardized tests are usually held several times a year.

Aside from these written tests, written examinations may be required for students who are preparing for a United States passport upon graduating from high school. For students who need to apply for United States citizenship after high school, a written exam is a requirement first. A student may also be required to take and pass a geography and history exam. Finally, some high schools require students taking classes to take an exam that covers the student’s career goals and objectives.

In addition to standardized tests, some states offer multiple-choice standardized tests. These tests are administered by private companies to test students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills. In some cases, students may have to submit written examinations to qualify for these exams. Many colleges and universities also administer writing and speaking tests.