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The World in Its Fullest – A Review of the Role of Stress on Our World


The World in Its Fullest – A Review of the Role of Stress on Our World

In its most basic sense, the word “world” describes the totality of existing entities, including everything humanly possible, to the entire entirety of reality or the universe. The nature of the world is formulated differently in different disciplines. Some conceptions view the world as fixed, while others speak of a ” plurality of worlds.” Still others would define the world more as a living organism, with each world functioning within its own scope of activities and events.

For the purposes of this paper, we will assume the definition above. We will furthermore assume that the dimensions and composition of this world are governed by an electro-magnetic field which interacts with all the other dimensions of the sphere via a complex network of interacting particles, namely electromagnetic vibrations. This study is appropriate for studying the diverse classes of inhabitants who presently inhabit the diverse sphere of the physical world.

Let us start by considering the non-terrestrial regions of this sphere. When thinking of this term, the word world can refer to either the earth or solar system, inclusive of various satellites and planets. Some scholars prefer the latter classification, while some use the earth and solar system as the reference point. Still, there exists another school of thought which believes that the world and all the terrestrial creatures which inhabit it are part of a single vast encompassing force, and the word world may be used here to refer to this totality only. In this view, the earth and the other terrestrial spheres are seen as parts of a vast organic entity, which comprises both the atmosphere and the visible portion of the sky.

The earth is truly a world in itself, composed of a number of distinct world class systems, including the planet earth and every sovereign state in existence as well. The sun, having the most powerful radiation and the most extensive surface area, constitutes the biggest world class system, giving off more radiation than the earth, the next biggest system after the sun, and with an outer surface almost as big. The other most common systems of matter composing the earth’s crust are the mineral wealth of the earth, which consists of everything from iron to gold, and the seas, which supply water and life to the planet. All these compose the earth’s eco-system, which is a system of interacting chemicals and energy to create living organisms on the earth’s surface and maintain their existence by means of photosynthesis and respiration.

This is not all. Every living being, animal or mineral, is part of this complex life-system and mutually depend on the other inhabitants for existence. This is why the earth is considered to be the seat of the very nature of life on the planet, which is why the medieval world saw human beings as the chief agents of pollution on the earth. Man is thought of as the chief suspect in pollution because he is the one who disturbs the environment through his activities such as digging up the ground, filling it with wastes, transporting waste from one place to another, and using different sorts of energy sources which pollute the air, land, and water.

The idea that there is only one sphere enclosing the earth, is, as has been argued many times, a fiction, since the innermost world consists of innumerable tiny spheres that are separated from each other by imperceptible pressure. The pressure may be subtle or it may be strong enough to cause the sphere to move. It may be caused by centrifugal force, but it can also be caused by nuclear explosions. If any such sphere is moving, it will cause tectonic shifts in the surrounding area, which will disturb the equilibrium of the system, causing it to bulge outwards or come into contact with other spherical objects, like comets whaling upon the atmosphere, and thus modifying its orbit and its position. Therefore, if you think you know more about the subject, you might like to read about it, so you can get the full idea.