A TOTO Toilet Can Be a Great Investment

Tokyo, styled as TOTO, is today the world’s biggest bathroom manufacturer. It was established in 1917, and today is well known for producing the Washlet, Bidet and other derivative products. The company is present in nine countries worldwide, including Ulsan, Korea, and China. The following paragraphs discuss the development of TOTO, its products and service, and its strategy for growth.


At the beginning, TOTO had a limited business scope, having set up manufacturing facilities at the time of its establishment. Gradually, however, with the coming of the ‘modernization’ era, it began seeking growth opportunities, and TOTO finally emerged as a global player. Since then, TOTO expanded its product line, introducing sanaglosses, bidets, and accessories. Its immeasurable success has led to the firm manufacturing sanaglosses and bidets of all kinds and sizes. Today, the company manufactures washlets of different sizes and shapes, including long-lines, single and even triple sinks.

High-end, contemporary toilet accessories manufactured by TOTO are designed to cater to various tastes and preferences. Some of the toilet accessories manufactured by TOTO include bathroom scales, bidets, Roman water faucets, and more. In addition, a wide range of accessories such as towel warmers, towel bars, hair dryers, powerheads, and power operated mirrors are also available. Indeed, the extensive product line offered by TOTO makes it easy to find a solution for all toilet cleaning needs.

The TOTO Company produces both rimless and non-rimmed toilet seats. A rimless toilet seat is one in which the bottom half of the toilet seat is not covered by the rim of the toilet bowl. The seat has a raised lip over the rim so that the user can rest the bottom of the legs on the floor or toilet seat. On the other hand, the non-rummed toilet seat has a fixed lip over the rim so that there is no water seepage into the bottom of the seat. This seat can be used as an alternative to the rimless toilet seat when space is limited.

TOTO’s heated seat and automatic air deodorizer are two toilet accessories that will make your experience of the bathroom a pleasant one. The heated seat has a thermostat that controls the heating of the toilet bowl and seat. You can choose from a variety of options such as ceramic, chrome, stainless steel, gold, silver-plated, or black heated seats. The automatic air deodorizer has an automatic sensor that turns on the air deodorizer as soon as it passes by the sensor.

TOTO’s toilet accessories can be found at a wide range of locations including department stores and leading home depots. The accessories vary according to the model that you have purchased. A few of the accessories that you might want to consider purchasing include toilet seat covers, toilet seat bags, toilet bowl cleaners, seat cushions, toilet paper holders, soap holders, toilet brushes, and wall and floor mats. These accessories can be found for about the price of a tank of gas. So if you are looking for a cost effective way to keep your bathroom clean, then consider a TOTO toilet.