Optimise Your Blog For Google and Improve Your SEO Results

The secret to building a strong, professional brand lies in your ability to trust that others will also trust you. You must be able to trust in the strength of your message, the quality of your work and your abilities as a leader. It is important that you not only trust but expect others to do the same. This applies to your website, social networking profiles, blogs and any other online or offline media that you choose to engage in.

Many online entrepreneurs are often left wondering why they should bother with high quality, useful content when there is plenty of duplicate content available at a fraction of the cost. This is because they trust their reputation amongst their social media profiles to enable them to build a good reputation that will encourage other people to do the same. If you want to drive people to your high quality pages then you must show them that others find these quality materials trustworthy and worthy of trust. If they see that others enjoy what you have to offer and that it is trusted, then they will be more likely to follow your links and opt-in to your mailing list or to buy your products and services. They will recognise the importance of these high profile websites and the fact that these large and respected organisations believe in them enough to leave their name behind and promote your content creator on their social media profiles.

As an online marketer, you will almost certainly have a number of high quality, useful and attractive pages that you could use to build your brand and market your brand. The trick for you is to ensure that the content you provide is not only informative, interesting and engaging but also relevant. The search engine algorithm used by Google is designed to provide relevant results and this requires a certain degree of authoritatively. The higher the standard of authoritativeness you set yourself, the more trust will be generated within the Google ecosystem. Google has recently stated that it has no plans to implement the authoritarian principle into its ranking algorithms, but if it does, it will probably come after a number of years.

The other important factor that impacts the quality of results returned from Google’s core algorithm is the quality of the links provided. This is called the quality score of the links and Google has recently stated that it regards the quality of the links as a major factor in determining search results ranking. Therefore, when you are optimising for your website you should make sure that you build links organically by getting other websites to link to you and not through some type of pay-per-click advertising or link farms. In essence you are seeking quality raters and not paying to get links. You might even consider hiring someone to manage your PR and link building campaigns to ensure that they are doing everything that you would want them to.

We recently completed a research project for our client, the global law firm of Denton’s, where we worked closely with one of Google’s Senior Search Quality Evalinators, David Bailey, in order to find out what types of blogs and articles were ranking well for specific key terms in the organic search results. What we found was that Google likes to see articles written by qualified article authors. Therefore, it is clear that if you can develop quality raters you will be able to get your blog or article noticed and ranked higher in the search results.

Ultimately, the quality of the blog or article is determined by the content and the authoritativeness of the posts, so you have to ensure that you only include high quality content in your blog posts. If you cannot do that yourself you should hire a professional writer to do the writing and you will be able to submit your posts to the blog directories and the search engines on autopilot thus increasing your SEO exposure. The bottom line is that, irrespective of the type of blog or article that you are publishing, if you want to rank well in Google you need to engage in a proper SEO strategy. A professional SEO consultant will be able to help you understand the best way to do this and help you develop a comprehensive plan that will help you achieve success in the long term.