English Test

An exam or rating is an educational examination meant to measure the knowledge, skill, ability, aptitude, mental aptitude, physiology, memory, reading or writing ability, or class in other matters. Exams are conducted by the school, colleges or universities, a professional organization such as the International Professional School Council (IPSC) or other non-profit organizations for the purpose of assessing and improving the learning or educational practices and policies of an organization. The duration of an exam varies according to the subject to be tested, level of difficulty, age and other factors.


Some exams have multiple choice questions while others have writing or editing components. The total amount of time allotted for this section is usually short. For example, the Medicine class exam has the maximum time of one hour. In Law school, the maximum time allotted for this section is 30 minutes. In a Math class exam, the maximum time allotted is one hour.

The format of exams varies with different academic institutions and in different countries. Most of the MBE international students have to undergo a series of entrance exams and interviews conducted by local boards and societies. The exam format varies with different countries. In United Kingdom, the GSA Schedule exam is conducted two times every year. This exam includes both reading and writing tests along with multiple choice questions and brainteasers.

In Singapore, the SIMS Schedule exam is conducted by the Singapore Management Institute (SMI). This exam includes writing, reading, listening and speaking sections and is a part of the eligibility criteria for the National Student Assessment Program (NSAP) of the country. The total time allotted for this section is 30 minutes. In Japan, the TOEFL examination has been known to include writing as well as reading and listening tests. The total time allotted for this section is usually a little more than half an hour.

The TOEFL examination format differs with the different countries, but the basic structure of the exam is the same throughout most of these divisions. The multiple choice questions are prepared in similar ways for all these different branches. The exam also consists of writing and reading tests. Students are required to successfully complete one section before moving on to another.

These different types of exams cover different subjects in varying amounts of time. There are some students who are fortunate enough to have free time on their hands when it comes to studying. For others, getting set for a scheduled exam is not an easy feat. If you want to learn English quickly, you need to take the exam. If you can’t make it to a nearby site for testing, find an online site that will provide you with a study schedule that will fit your schedule.