How To Spot The Best Realistic Jokes When Watching Comedy TV Shows


How To Spot The Best Realistic Jokes When Watching Comedy TV Shows

In our everyday life, we have a lot of occasions that could make us laugh out loud, which is one reason why we are having a hard time thinking of funny things to say. This is the problem when you have a job where you have to keep humor at bay – you don’t want to lose your job because of your inability to think of some funny lines. But if you know some funny things to say, you don’t have to worry about it. Just take these five quick tips and you will never fail to be funny again:

Look up funny lines in a dictionary or on the internet and practice saying them; see how the sentence flows and how the opposite answer fits in. That’s how the world works, so try it out. Sometimes what is ridiculous attracts laughter just by its absurdity and obvious incongruity: the desperate monkey’s attempts to copy the ladybug were laughable. To know if the answer is working for you, ask yourself: “How is this funny?” or “Does this make me laugh?”

Another trick to boost your humor is to observe how other people are laughing. You can do this by observing how others are responding to your jokes. Incongruities between you and your friends will show itself in your facial expressions or body language. If your friends or partners respond in an indifferent or disapproving manner, that humor is not likely to work for you; but if they respond with great amusement and even great enjoyment, that tells you that you have found a hit!

Learn to identify the kinds of jokes that tickle your funny bone; there are a lot of stand-up comedy routines that rely on the ability of the comedian to deliver quick jokes that tickle the funny bone. If you can deliver a couple of jokes that can be found in the dictionary of funny lines, you can put those in your show. The most famous example of this are the jokes told by the three kings of comedy -enny, bob and roy. Watch how these three kings interact and watch how their mannerisms differ, you will see the basis of some of your own jokes. In this way, when you are watching other funny shows, you will begin to identify the tell-tale signs of a potential funny line.

When you are working on your own show, it pays to remember that the exact lines of a funny joke cannot be used over again. Instead, you should look for something that will tickle your funny bone. If you have found your own funny line, try imitating the exact words. There is nothing worse than a stand-up comedy routine that includes all three words of a funny line, “I’m so funny, I’m hilarious!” The problem is that it sounds cliche, and no one will feel comfortable repeating the same lines.

If you are having trouble figuring out what is funny, there is nothing wrong with asking friends what they think. If two or more people find the same jokes funny, then it is not cliche. You may want to also consider watching real-life situations and seeing how other people react. When you see that other people find your humor to be funny, chances are, you will as well. However, there are times when the act of telling a joke will simply not cut it, and you will need to find real-life funny people to see if you are able to crack a few jokes of your own.