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If you live in New South Wales, you are likely to drive past a Toto shop at least once in your lifetime. The iconic Japanese company started manufacturing shoes almost exactly 100 years ago. Toto is a name that conjures up images of old-school karate and work boots, but Toto shoes actually come in a wide variety of styles and colours today. Some of their most popular styles include sandals, slip-ons, clogs, pumps, high heels, slip-ons with buckles, open toe shoes, sandals for girls and boys, ballet flats, casual wear, and many more. So, if you are looking to buy a Toto product you will want to check out some of the information below first to get an idea of what you are looking for in a shoe. This article will give you some helpful advice on choosing Toto footwear.


There was a rather unfortunate incident in which lead singer, David Bowie had to cancel a concert in Singapore after he fell ill with cancer. It was one of the band’s albums that Bowie was working on at the time, and it took him nearly six months to recover enough to play the final show of his tour. Because of this event, Toto became rather vulnerable to public criticism, and many of the fans of the hard rock legendscore were annoyed with the company for using such a popular name for an album with an obscure sound.

In the late eighties, Toto had a string of hits including “Tears in Heaven”, but it was their song “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” that really captured the hearts of many music fans. That track became one of the favorites on many of the radio stations in the US, and it featured David Lee Roth on lead vocals. During the song, Porcaro played the guitar very expertly, as if he was actually having a concert in front of a crowd. The song became another huge hit for Toto, who ended up playing it on several albums.

David Lee Roth has since replaced David Lee Roth on the lead vocalist spot. There are many other well-known singers who have also graced the stage of Toto. Current member, Tony Lama, sings with the band and is best known for playing bass. Current guitarist, Amy Lee has also been in the group for a few years and is best known for playing the lead. The current line up consisting of Amy Lee, Tony Lama, and David Lee Roth is perhaps the most successful band that ever formed in the history of pop, or country music, for that matter.

Toto is a group that blends aspects of several different musical styles. Some of the songs that the group has released are a blend of rockabilly, jazz, folk, pop, country, as well as progressive rock. The current line up consists of vocalist, David Lee Roth, on lead vocals; vocalist, John Poppelli, on bass; and guitarist, Amy Lee, on guitar. Other members of the group have also contributed to the musical style of Toto.

For those who do not know much about Toto, here is some information. The band was started by Robert Lopez, who was inspired by The Who. After leaving The Who, he formed the band Smile. The current line up consists of seven members: vocalist/bassist/singer, John Poppelli, on bass; David Lee Roth on lead vocals; and guitarist, Amy Lee, on guitar.