Learn Why Eat Electronically

What is eating? The dictionary definition of eating is “the process of absorbing food into the digestive tract of the body.” However, eat is much more than simply dropping a single piece of food into your mouth. To fully eat is much more than simply to absorb food (in other words: food).

In other words, eat is the means to an end – but an end that have a beneficial purpose. Let me explain. To fully absorb all the nutrients that foods have to offer you, your body must be capable of a certain amount of “absorption.” In other words, your body must be capable of “breaking down” food, and only partially digesting the food before it passes through the intestines. If this is not accomplished, then the food will not be properly absorbed.

Now you know what to eat is, but what is eat and why is it beneficial? The purpose of eat is for the absorption of nutrients. The first step of this process is the digestion of food, which requires the assistance of some enzymes, bacteria and prebiotics. These are all necessary for the beneficial purpose of absorption.

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