TOTO Bidet, Wash Your Bottom


TOTO Bidet, Wash Your Bottom

The company Toto is stylized as TOTO, Inc., is the largest toilet brand in the world. It was established in 1917 and currently is most famous for producing the Washlet and related toilet-related products. The company has its main headquarters in Kitakyushu, Japan and has production plants in nine other countries. Although the Toto Company was originally a cloth industry, it has broadened its interests to include toilet accessories and hygiene technology.

It is worth nothing that the Toto Company is also the developer of the electronic bidet. The Washlets that Toto creates are great because they are stylish, modern, very easy to clean, and very comfortable. Nobody wants to sit on an ugly toilet seat these days. The washers have a patented design that permits them to sit very close to the body. This is in addition to the fact that the Toto washlet sits high on the shelves and doesn’t get in the way of anybody’s leg or arm.

The Toto washlet is used by corporations, offices, hospitals, schools, and wherever else people need to sit down and use the toilet. The Toto bidet is a proven design, so it has a following well beyond the actual market for toilet accessories. It has become a staple in many households, and you don’t often see somebody using an ordinary toilet bowl. Everybody uses toto shower heads and flush toilets, because everybody needs to sanitize their bodies after a day of hard work.

The company Toto is also the developer of a unique line of “smart” toilets. They are called the Squat Waste Recovery System. This innovative toilet design sits on the floor, and it can detect the amount of waste and direct it to a bag for recycling. Since the Squat Waste Recovery System has no bowl, the user has to carry around a large bag to collect his waste. This technology is now available to public toilets in Japan and China.

The Toto Squat Waste Recovery System goes beyond the already established waste recovery system for the traditional commode seat. It is a revolutionary concept that solves the problem of disposing of human waste and turning it into something useful. The current system takes a seat and converts it into a cup. There is also a cup version called the Squat Cup Seat that is designed for the commode seat in residential environments. The primary difference between these two models is that the cup model is easier to clean than the traditional commode seat, because the cups can be washed with soap and water, whereas with the traditional commode, you have to dry them manually.

Most countries in Europe and Asia have incorporated toilet technology that includes bidets. The Japanese market, however, is a little behind in this regard. They have been slow in recognizing the need to offer more hygienic facilities to their users. However, with the latest innovations by Toto, who would not want to bidet or wash your own bottom?