Understanding What Fashion Is

Fashion is a form of autonomy and self-expression in a given time and situation and in a certain context, of attire, footwear, fashion, makeup, hairstyles, and personality. In its broader usage, the word implies an appearance defined by the fashion industry as what is trendy. The term is often used colloquially to refer to a trend that becomes “in” (a fan) in a short period of time. When it becomes out of style, it is considered outdated. Some examples of out-dated trends include:

Timeless Fashion: This type of fashion is timeless because it is attractive and flattering. It is what makes us feel good about ourselves. Timeless fashion trends usually focus on fabrics, color, and patterns that are wearable for multiple seasons. Examples of timeless fashion trends include: ballerina flat shoes, floral prints, vintage jewelry, chiffon, and tailored clothing.

Classic Fashion: This type of fashion is generally considered classic for a period that predates modernity. The fashion of this era is generally considered classic for at least one year. Classic fashion trends focus on materials, patterns, and accessories that are wearable for several seasons. Examples of timeless classic fashion include: shawls, sweaters, cardigans, pants, jackets, dresses, and capes. Retro fashion is sometimes considered a sub-genre of classic fashion. Retro trends revolve around a current fashion design but are influenced by fashions from decades ago.

Sporty Fashion: Sporty fashion is very individual. Different elements combine to create each sporty fashion, such as shorts, tops, pants, skirts, and leggings. Most sporty fashion is comfortable, casual, and easy to move in. Example of sporty fashion include: tracksuits, sweat suits, basketball jerseys, tracksuits, running pants, tennis skirts, tracksuits, and yoga pants. Sporty trends tend to be short-lived and are generally not worn long term.

Vintage Fashion: Vintage fashion focuses on old and traditional styles. Fashion varies greatly depending on the era of clothing. Some popular vintage styles include: Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro, and Viennese.

Country Fashion: This fashion tends to focus on fabrics and materials that are commonly found in rural environments. Typically country fashion clothes tend to be informal and comfortable. For example: sun dresses, western shirt, and jeans. They tend to be made from fabrics such as cotton, linen, and chiffon.

Casual Fashion: Casual fashion clothing is appropriate for everyday use. It can include shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, and blouses. Unlike formal fashion, casual fashion doesn’t require the same amount of thought or skill. Some examples of casual clothing include: sweat suits, casual trousers, casual shirts, jeans, and blouses.

Celebrities are often a good source of information on what types of fashion are currently popular. Fashionable trends are subject to change every day as new stars emerge. If you are looking for a particular item, try checking out what the celebrities are wearing at various events. For example: what Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Oprah Winfrey, and Victoria Beckham are wearing today could be completely different from what they were wearing last week. Fashionable trends tend to change in time.

If you are a woman reading this article you most likely do not fall into any of the categories above. It is important to remember that what is in fashion at the moment will not be in fashion next week, next month or next year. Trends are cyclical. A trend may be popular one day but not the next. Keep an eye on the trends going on around you because there is always something new and something sexy coming out. Remember: stay informed!