Who Did Toto Think of to Write ‘I’m a Tin Man’?


Who Did Toto Think of to Write ‘I’m a Tin Man’?

Toto is originally a mutation of Tooke or Tonga. The original meaning of Toto was ‘thorn’ or ‘tang’ and in some areas its root was even thought to be poisonous. Its meaning has since changed to that of ‘dagger’.

This was the main character of the story of how Tom Po, or To Tooke became a member of the American rock band Kiss. This was mainly because of the fact that their singer, Mark Linn-Baker, was a drug addict. He was once captured by the police and taken to the penitentiary but later escaped from it. However he was recaptured and served time in jail but managed to get out again and was finally let free again.

Eventually, To Po found work in a rather famous American rock band called KISS. Not entirely content with this, he decided to form his own band named Toto. However Toto failed to gain much popularity in the United States, despite the efforts of its lead singer. Instead it became a huge success in Japan, where it was a huge hit and to this day is recognized as one of the best known and most popular Japanese rock bands. This group also achieved some major success in Europe but to no avail.

One of the main characters in American rock band Velvet Revolver is named To Po. At one point in the song Tainted Love there is a shot of To Po, who is dressed in a black leather outfit and has a shaven head. In another shot of Toto the leader of the group is dressed similarly but has a goatee. So the image that captures the imagination of the audience in both shots is that of a beautiful black American woman named Dorothy.

Another artist who might have inspired Toto to create a song named Jackie Onasis. Also, from LA rock band Insane. She is well known for her hard-hitting singles such as Reachin’ Again and Wasted. Many people may not know who Jackie Onasis actually is, but she was once a member of the Californian band The Birthday Party. It is rumoured that she would often dress up like Toto in order to attract men.

There are many more artists who Toto inspired including Carlos Santana, David Lee Roth and Steve Vai. Many people believe To Po’s role in the Tin Man movies to be a direct result of Toto meeting Carlos Santana when they were recording their album Steely Dan in 1970. In these films Toto plays the part of Donner, a friend and occasional companion of the young Santana. Other actors who have had some input into Toto’s music include: Herb Ellis, Carl Davis, Yusef Islam, Mark Linn-Baker, Yusef Islam, Carl Davis, Yusef Islam, and Eric Clapton. Indeed, Eric Clapton is said to have told Toto “You make me think of you” after their song Purple Haze.